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About Bagmati PROSCUN

Cooperatives are community-based, member-centered business cooperative that operates under the jurisdiction of all three federal units of Nepal. The present constitution of Nepal has recognized the cooperative sector as one of the three pillars of economic development. Cooperative organizations are of different nature based on the purpose of establishment, nature of work and scope of work.

Bagmati Province Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperative Union Ltd. (Bagmati PROSCUN) was established based on legal provisions that can be registered and operated at the state level as an umbrella association of cooperative organizations operating with savings and credit related economic activities as the center. It was formally registered on 13th Shravan 2077, according to Section 6 of the Cooperative Act, 2074 and Section 6 of the Bagmati Province Cooperative Act, 2076, the association has been duly registered with the Bagmati Province Government, Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives. Since then, the federation has been conducting its activities following the cooperative norms, values and principles.

As a leading federation of the provincial network of the financial cooperative movement, the federation has expanded its service area to 13 districts and 119 local levels within Bagmati province. In its first strategic plan, the association is conducting activities under the four-pillar medium-term plan, namely member-centric activities, organizational development, social responsibility and institutional sustainability.

In order to improve the financial situation of the member organizations, the association is providing savings and credit facilities at competitive rates and ensuring member security through financial literacy, financial empowerment, training and education. This federation is also conducting a quality assurance program namely Cooperative Self-regulation Program for Organizational Sustainability and Institutional Services (COSIS) for quality assurance and self-regulation capacity enhancement. It is playing a role as the leading association of the province for the empowerment of the cooperative movement through continuous advocacy for reducing the risk of the members and managing the grievances. 

About Bagmati PROSCUN