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Message from CEO

After newly structured federal governance system in Nepal, Bagmati province stands to be the largest province among seven federal states regarding economic and demographic contribution. All the political and administrative structures are formed according to the new federal structure as organized by the constitution of Nepal. Being one of the major three pillars of economic development, cooperative sector also follows federal structure. According to the jurisdiction specified by the current constitution of Nepal, the cooperative sector falls under the jurisdiction of all three federal units namely union, state and local levels.


Bagmati province Savings and credit Cooperative Union Ltd. (Bagmati PROSCUN) is also a glorious state level association of new savings and credit cooperatives registered under the Cooperatives Act 2074 issued after the new federal structure of Nepal. I was established with the great vision of 'an excellent financial cooperative network dedicated to competent and complete service.'


I have received the responsibility as the first Chief Executive Officer after the establishment of the association as both an opportunity and a challenge. It is a matter of great pride for me to be able to contribute to the empowerment of the cooperative movement through the thematic association of the state level. I am confident that my term of office will be very fruitful in accelerating the activities of the federation in its infancy and building a distinctive position for the federation in the cooperative movement. In order to maintain this trust, my efforts will always be focused on giving my hundred percent contribution within the scope of my past learning, experience, relevant laws and policies. The Federation has just completed a four-year strategic business plan. Federation aims to play a role in the development, promotion and sustainable commercialization of maximum cooperatives within the state by making them the members of its own through the plan. In order to take this goal to the next level, I will be making untiring efforts to develop the positive image of the association in terms of business capability, service delivery, member-friendliness, good governance, trustworthiness and accessibility.

I firmly stand with the belief that the Union should be supportive in fulfilling the national aspiration of poverty alleviation through cooperatives.  For this purpose, my efforts and knowledge will be focused in developing and implementing the activities and programs of the Federation through member organizations focusing on poverty alleviation. I believe the union will always play a positive role in mobilizing the schemes for the alleviation of poverty in the state through all the concerned authorities.

During my tenure, my priority through this association is to assure the governments at all three levels that the financial transactions of the members of the association are well regulated, transparent, secure and sustainable. In order to fulfill this responsibility, I will focus on ensuring the quality service of the member organizations. In order to improve the operational system of cooperatives, the federation will play a sufficient role in developing and operating various types of training and education programs.  The culture of developing the common opinion of the movement will be developed through various state level seminars and interaction programs on behalf of the federation on the burning issues of cooperatives.

As a chief executive officer, I will motivate my team to manage internal administrative activities with efficiency and effectiveness for the financial discipline, continuous growth and efficient manpower management of the federation. Sufficient efforts will be made to continuously modify and organize the service of the federation by continuously increasing the capacity of the employees working in the Bagmati PROSCUN service.
Through Bagmati Province Federation of Saving and Credit Cooperative Union, I am committed to develop the tendency to run the organization by developing the model policies required for the internal good governance and commercialization of its member organizations and also by implementing the policy as role model organization.

Lastly, I wholeheartedly take the responsibility for the overall development of the union as team leader of management sector. I look forward to the guidance and full support of the member organizations, board of directors, our umbrella organizations and all the stakeholders for the strengthening of this glorious federation and cooperative movement as a whole.

Message from CEO