Bagmati PROSCUN Establishment Day

  • Gopal Dulal
  • 1 year ago, Dec 14, 2022
  • Banepa, Kavre
Bagmati PROSCUN Establishment Day

Banepa, 13 Shrawan

The second foundation day of Bagmati Province Saving and Credit Cooperative Cooperative Ltd. (Bagamati PROSCUN) and the formal launch of the Cooperative Self-Regulation Program for Organizational Sustainability and Institutional Services (COSIS) was presided over in the chairmanship of Mr. Uddhav Sapkota, President of Bagmati PROSCUN. Mr. Minraj Kandel, President of the National Cooperative Federation was the chief guest of the program.

The program was held in the auditorium of Hotel Ugrachandi Banepa. The President of National Cooperative Federation, Mr. Minraj Kandel inaugurated the program by lighting the Panas and the official start of the program was started after the guest panel jointly cut the cake.

Mr. Tap Bahadur Shrestha, Treasurer of Bagmati PROSCUN, gave a welcome speech on behalf of the federation and presented the main achievements of the association. The chief guest of the program, Mr. Minraj Kandel, President of the National Cooperative Federation, also launched the book 'Financial Literacy for Youth: A Guide for the Trainers'. Likewise, Tejendra Khadka, member of the board of directors of Bagmati PROSCUN and a member of the Award Selection committee, announced the list of associations, organizations and individuals honored by PROSCUN this year.

During the speech, the chief guest gave emphasis on the current situation of the cooperative campaign. Nepal Savings and Credit Cooperative Association Ltd. (Nefscon) President Mr. Paritosh Paudyal and Senior Vice President Mr. Chandra Prasad Dhakal gave a congratulatory speech on the occasion of Bagmati PROSCUN Foundation Day and discussed the current activities of the cooperative movement and the role of associations for the empowerment of the movement.


On behalf of the management of Bagmati Proscoon, Chief Executive Officer Keshab Prasad Dahal gave a presentation on the rationale, indicators and implementation guidance of the quality assurance program-COSIS, while the progress report of the last fiscal year (2078/79) was presented by Program Officer Gopal Prasad Dulal.


Uddhav Sapkota, the chairman of the program and president of Bagmati Proscoon, during the closing of the program, highlighted the achievements of Bagmati PROSCUN so far and the upcoming action plans along with the thanking note.


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